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The most common question I get asked is where did I get the name Dubs from.  It actually started many years ago when I was creating a charecter name for my World of Warcraft account.  I took my first and last names initails and spelled them out to become Eldub and then others just started calling me Dub.  My entire family began to play and created similar names and we were known as the Dubs.

Why tea?  Why Pretzels?

Because it is different.  Tea has been around forever and after seeing a store that had a similar concept I thought about how I would do it differently.  After 10 years of thinking and planning I finally took the leap and created Dubs Tea and Water.  A place to hang out, drink quality beverages at a reasonable.

The future is scary and like most new businesses, I had to add something else and we really did not need another burger or pizza or wings or...well you get the idea.  Then I took an old pretzel recipe and rolled in some cheese and meat and wow it was great and its different then everything else out there.  Over the past 4 years I started adding more stuff and well not we are no longer Dubs tea and water.  we are..

Dubs, tea, water, pretzel, coffee

Dubs Tea & Water

3131 Custer Rd #178

Plano Tx 75075


SW Corner of Custer and Parker Rd

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